Our Formula

At V-Healthy, we believe that to be healthy for life, you need to follow the weekly recommendations for healthy eating & exercise. We know that this isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve come up with our unique formula, giving you not only fun & friendly classes, but ongoing support, educational tools and the latest diet & fitness trackers to help you.

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At V-Healthy we believe that everyone is ‘on a diet’. They are either on a healthy diet or an unhealthy diet. Diet simply means the sum of food consumed by a person.

It is impossible for everyone to have exactly the same diet and be considered healthy according to their body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone weight etc. This is because people come in different shapes and sizes, have different activity levels and therefore different energy needs. Also, not everyone has exactly the same tastes in food, tolerances to food, time to make food etc.
If two people go on the same diet, person A might stay the correct weight for their height and have a healthy body fat percentage and muscle mass, whilst person B might lose or put on weight if they do more or less exercise than person A.

The phrase ‘going on a diet’ implies that you have to come ‘off’ the diet at some point. Most set diets are just not realistic enough to keep up for the rest of your life. There are therefore millions of people who have ‘gone on diets’ and lost weight, only to come off them and piled all the weight back on & more. If you’ve not done this yourself, then I’m sure you know someone who has. In fact, only about 1% of people who have gone on a diet have actually kept the weight off permanently.

At V-Healthy we want to educate you about healthy eating so that you can personalise your diet according to your needs and goals. That is why we give you easy to follow dietary advice from the most up to date scientific research and educational videos about different topics including nutrition, meal planning and food labelling.

As a member you will have access to your V-Healthy Diet Tracker where you will find our food database and will be able to log your diet to compare what you eat to what you should be eating.

Medical studies show that logging your food doubles your chances of achieving your goal whether that is weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance.
You will have a personal profile page on our website where you will have access to a forum, meal plans and you will be able to swap ideas and recipes with other members.
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Our fun & friendly classes consist of a mixture of core conditioning, total body toning and resistance training. They are designed for all ages (16+) and abilities including people with joint problems, people who’ve never exercised before and people who have been exercising for years. They are also designed for people with different health & fitness goals, for example people who want to strengthen their back, people who want to run their first marathon, and people who want to lose weight.
If you’re sweating just thinking about coming to one of our classes, then sweat no more. We don’t use the ‘no pain no gain’ rule in our classes for two reasons:

1) Many people start exercise regimes feeling really motivated to see results, and they go hell for leather when they start. However, if you’re not used to doing exercise then you need to give your body time to adjust to the exercise or else you might put your self at risk of injury.

2) We know that you wont come back to classes & therefore won’t see results if you work at your maximum effort in your first class. You’ll probably feel uncomfortably sore the following week which will put you off going to another class because you think that it will hurt the next time.

You will be given a V-Healthy Fitness Tracker so that you can work at your own level during the classes & so that our instructors can coach you into the right zones for burning fat and increasing fitness. This can be used outside of the classes to track all of your exercise and will be uploaded to your profile page where you will be able to see your results, helping you to stay motivated and achieve your goals.
In order for you to meet the recommended weekly guidelines for exercise you will be advised to go to 2+ classes per week which consist of a mixture of core conditioning, total body toning and resistance training. By doing so you will reduce your risk of life threatening illnesses.
You will receive regular V-Healthy Body MOTs measuring weight, body mass index, body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic age, physique rating and visceral fat which is the internal fat around your organs. The reason why we don't just measure your weight is because muscle ways more than fat, so you could lose fat and gain muscle and your weight would go up but you would slim down. Your results will be uploaded to your profile page where you can track them in depth.
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Our support system is vital in helping and motivating you to achieve your goals. Whether that is to be more confident in your skin, have more energy to chase your children or grandchildren, or to get a personal best in the next sporting event, V-healthy support is here for you.
As a member, you will be assigned one of our friendly instructors who will give you as much help, motivation & advice as you need to help you achieve your goals. They will be able to keep track of your diet, exercise regime and Body MOT results and you can call, text or send messages to your instructor whenever you need help or advice.

You will have exclusive access to your own personal profile page where you will find an online database and a forum which allows you to communicate with other members, enabling you to ask questions, swap ideas and recipes, share goals, results and motivational tips.

In order for you to meet the weekly recommended guidelines for healthy eating & exercise, you will be taken through a 2 phase programme. You will be given educational tools including videos & fact sheets covering topics that include nutrition, meal planning & food labelling.

Phase 1
This phase is for those of you who want to slim down, tone up, achieve a fitness goal or improve your health. We want to help you to optimise your diet to help you to have a healthy Visceral fat (internal fat) percentage, bone mass, muscle muscle, water percentage, metabolic age, weight and physique rating. If you are considered 'healthy' according to all of our measurments, this is also for you because we want to help you to optimise your diet, to help you to be the best version of you;  full of energy and vitality.
Phase 2
This phase will help you to maintain your healthy measurements, helping you to live a long and healthy life and reducing your risk of life threatening illnesses.

To reward your success, we have a rewards system that enables you to build up points. You can do this in many ways, for example by attending classes, using the diet tracker or achieving your goals. The prizes range from water bottles to Spa trips.

Social Events
We have regular social events which you can attend & many friendships have been formed through these.

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By following our unique formula you will meet the recommended guidelines for diet & exercise and could reduce your risk of Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimers', Osteoarthritis and the leading cause of death worldwide which is Coronary Heart Disease, which kills 1 in 6 men and 1 in 10 women. Studies show that by following the recommended guidelines for diet & exercise, you could add 8-10 years to your life.

Our classes are designed to help maximise your fitness improving your flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and muscular endurance. Not only will they help you with daily life eg, reaching up to a shelf, lifting a child, or cleaning the floor, they will also help you if you participate in sporting events, making you faster, stronger and improving your stamina.

The V-Healthy Diet Tracker, educational tools and the 1-2-1 support from your instructor is vital in helping you to slim down. Our classes, support and fitness tracker will also help you to burn maximum calories during and after the classes and slim down. The combination of diet and exercise means that you won't end up with 'saggy skin' or lose muscle tone including heart muscle (which you can lose if you 'diet' alone).

Our classes are designed to help you increase muscle mass and definition of your muscles, but if you’re female don’t worry, you won't get big muscles, you’ll just ‘tone’! Men have about 20x more testosterone than women so that’s why they 'bulk'.